name: myles (full name myles T. DSTRYR3000) (he uhhh. took his wifes last name)
gender: male
age: 49 years old
height: 102 cm
weight: light enough to carry
likes: his wife, bikes that come with training wheels, idol music, his wife, short postal routes, his wife (i feel as though ive already said that...)
dislikes: jokesters, rascals, scamps, scoundrels, high shelves

- postal worker robot. loves to fulfill his duties of delivering junk mail and coupon sheets to the good people of...wherever he lives.
- happily married. so dont get any funny ideas, mister reading-this-bio.
- does not talk like a robot. talks like a new yorker
- heart pattern boxers afficionado
- still figuring out those DAMN smartphones...
- tough exterior (figuratively and literally), but very sweet once you get to know him.
- has fought people for others many times. he lost every time, but its the thought that counts.



    neutral-toned cv